DestinationNEXT is a global research platform, online diagnostic tool, and strategic action plan designed to help destination organizations define their priorities and increase their effectiveness.

The entire tourism industry was transformed in 2014 with the launch of DestinationNEXT. It was developed by MMGY NextFactor CEO Paul Ouimet and Destinations International to provide a data-driven methodology for helping destination organizations increase their overall value in their communities.

Updated in 2019, DestinationNEXT is comprised of two parts:

  1. Futures Study — Identifies the major leisure and business travel trends worldwide
  2. Destination Assessment Tool & Scenario Model — Provides a framework for measuring destination strength and community alignment

Futures Study

The DestinationNEXT Futures Study surveyed 521 destination organizations in 55 countries to produce an empirical ranking of 52 trends and 64 strategies influencing how destinations operate and engage the modern traveler.

Together, those trends and strategies represent the most comprehensive overview and up-to-date perspective of the global travel and tourism industry.

MMGY NextFactor has an exclusive agreement with Destinations International to continually update DestinationNEXT and leverage its insights for the benefit of organizations leading their destinations into the future.

No other destination consultancy has such an in-depth and proven process for delivering actionable strategies in destination marketing, management and development.

MMGY NextFactor will be updating the Futures Study in 2021, and every two years thereafter.

Assessment Tool & Scenario Model

The second part of DestinationNEXT is the Destination Assessment Tool and Scenario Model. It is designed to help destination organizations and primary stakeholders assess the strength of their region’s visitor economy and infrastructure.

To date, MMGY NextFactor has facilitated more than 230 detailed destination assessments in 13 countries.

The diagnostic tool is based on a comprehensive stakeholder survey that measures destination strength and community engagement, based on a series of 20 variables.

The MMGY NextFactor team then uses those survey results to plot any given city into a Scenario Model, which shows the specific opportunities for destination organizations and their partners to build upon.

A diagnostic report card is produced for each destination that outlines the results for each variable, and how the destination compares to the industry average.

This assessment is the only one of its kind in the tourism and business events industry today. It has been recognized as one of the most significant developments in destination management in recent years to inform overall strategy.

[Destination organizations that have participated in DestinationNEXT assessments]



DestinationNext Ambassadors

Several board members from Destinations International are available to deliver workshops to destination organizations. Each director, currently a senior thought leader in the industry, has been trained to present key findings from the Futures Study and deliver results of a destination assessment.