Regional Indianapolis
Tourism Master Plan

Case Study


Tourism is vitally important to Indiana’s economy – particularly for Indianapolis given that it is the largest city in the state. Despite many of the Region’s positive attributes, attractions and events, Visit Indy was looking for a Tourism Master Plan to help gain an edge in attracting visitors.


A series of steps were taken in developing and delivering the Tourism Master Plan:

  • Established and interacted with a marketplace advisory group
  • Consulted with advisory groups and key stakeholders
  • Developed a survey to generate input from local residents on tourism in Indianapolis
  • Completed a competitive analysis
  • Reviewed major industry trends for leisure and group sectors
  • Facilitated a number of workshops with over 200 stakeholders
  • Facilitated a visioning workshop with over 80 stakeholders
  • Facilitated a full-day Board retreat to prioritize Tourism Master Plan initiatives


The Tourism Master Plan was approved by Visit Indy’s Board. The process and Plan generated buy-in from the entire community to pursue several important initiatives: the 103-acre GM Stamping Plant redevelopment with iconic tourism experiences; a multi-county White River corridor offering recreational and commercial activity; a renovated Monument Circle with exciting new activities and commercial enterprises; a second 1,000-room hotel and convention center space optimization; and an innovative transportation network with robust international air service, modern public transit system, and convenient self-driving, shared vehicles.

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