Destination Brand Strategy

A detailed vision for developing a specific destination’s unique identity and value proposition, aligned with the collective interests of local tourism, government and economic development organizations.

Effective destination brand strategy is critical for destinations with an active visitor economy. It begins with an understanding of the cultural DNA in a specific community based on the socio-economic history of the region.

That, in turn, informs the messaging and experiences required to help differentiate the destination in a way that’s compelling for various target segments.

Furthermore, destination branding in today’s digital world is a collaborative process with both visitors and local stakeholders, all of whom contribute to co-create a destination’s identity and reputation. 

As many destinations are growing and evolving, their brands must evolve as well to align with the shifts in shared values among both internal and external audiences.

NEXTFactor works with destination organizations worldwide to develop their brand identities by leveraging our extensive global experience delivering DestinationNEXT assessments. No other organization can draw from such a wealth of engagement with tourism and economic development leaders in cities of all sizes.

The Singapore Tourism Board's "Passion Made Possible" vision is exemplary destination branding

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